RuckUp Live Show Feb 27th 2020 Today tony talked about his depression and why he wasn't at the last few shows, we AGAIN talked about the Coronavirus ...View Details

Episode 099 Interview with Patrick Fitzgibbons     First and foremost, if you want to hear about leadership and inspiration, here is a man to tell it ...View Details

Q and A Start YOUR Show

Q and A Start YOUR Show   Start with a concept, something you are passionate about, stay in your lane.  Get show topics written out Come up with a sho...View Details

Q and A How to market your show   Check out affiliate marketing first and try your hand at that, once you have a bit under your belt, move to sponsors...View Details

 Q and A Kind words from a great friend   Great comment from a great friend.  I feel my mind mind sometimes gets further than my heart, but at the sam...View Details

  Episode 098 Is passion to success   What is your passion? Do  you want to be a king/queen? do you want to make kings and queens? Are you completely ...View Details

  RuckUp Live Show confidence 77 years old metal state   Ryan and myself have our weekly chat about mental heath, confidence, a 77 year old guy defen...View Details

Episode 097: Interview with Heather Parady

Heather has her degree in Mental health therapy and found a new path and in online business and her own po...View Details

Q and A Episode Have you ever worked for bad leaders   Short answer.... YES!!!!   ------------ If you want to tell your story live on air, or you want...View Details

Q and A Episode: What is a Mentor to you   A mentor is someone that will take time to talk and help you along your path.    ------------ If you want t...View Details

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