Interview with Kurt Delia Delia Tactical International   If you have ever heard of the Raptor tool, than you know who Kurt Delia is... He is the inve...View Details

Interview with James Lockerbie 911 Call Operator   James is a 911 call operator who is trying to make a difference for other 911 operators and get th...View Details

Interview with Mike Lex Rex Podcast

  Mike is a man passionate about helping other officers with mental health and the struggles they face on and o...View Details

Interview with Rodney King Weaponize your body

  Rodney King grew up in a the hard parts of Joburg in South Africa. His story of entering the mil...View Details

Interview with Barron Mills Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses   Barron a military vet shares his stories of a company commander in I...View Details


  Interview with Todd De Voe Emergency Management   Todd is a US Navy veteran who served in the Golf War. He is a man who has worked endlessly in t...View Details


Interview with Robert Dabney Jr Veteran VetPark   Robert has started an organization called VetPark to help veterans get back into the arts and he...View Details

Interview with Mark Delaney The Veteran Professional   Mark Delaney is a military vet set out to help others vets at the time they are needing the mos...View Details

Interview with Nick The Roll Call Room   We talk to Nick about some of the issues facing law enforcement today and George Floyd and Nick's very intere...View Details

Interview with James Larsen Body Armour Guru

As a member of the EOD for the US military, James background in explosives was extremely knowledgeable, ...View Details

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