We go into the conspiracy theories of 2021 and of the past. Rob talks about issues he has written in his book and what he believes is coming in the...View Details

Margaret talks about deep issues within the catholic church, things THEY are trying to keep quite. This was a very insightful talk.   yourradicaltru...View Details

Tim talks about how to live a long and happy relationship with your spouse,   

timkellis@happyrelationships.com (email for free 2-hour seminar) htt...View Details

Miranda is a long time friend and has worked in the security/protection industry for over 20 years. She is a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes t...View Details

It can be hard sometimes to see true talent in ART when you don't know what you are looking for. However when looking at Mike Denyer's nature photogr...View Details

What a great chat about Nutrition, Health and food, Habits and behaviors, mindset and children with healthy eating habits and positive behaviors.    ...View Details

We chat about a lot regarding his trip to the VA, and Trump and Biden to list just a few of the controversial topics.   

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htt...View Details

Lloyd Ross maxing those six figures  Learning how to make money work for you. We are going further and further into the mindset of I need it NOW for...View Details

Kody Mills Firearms Training Kody talks to us about Concealed Coalition and the company who works hard to train people the right way. Learning how to...View Details

A lot has changed in the last 40 years and what was competition in business back in the 80's is now monopolized by large firms in todays market. Jim ...View Details

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