Interview with Caleb Ortega This military vet has spent a lot of time on a upcoming book series entitled "Warfare of the Gods" this book series dives ...View Details

Morgan Lerette Blackwater We chat about life as a contractor and well..... BLACKWATER, and the truth behind the company, the owner and the BAND! Check...View Details

Arthur Noah Siegel   We talked about politic, Burning Man, Podcasting and much more, check out his show below anchor: Spo...View Details

Daniel Richardson Firearms Instructor   Today we talked about home defense, firearms training and how to pick the right gun for you.... and we do mean...View Details

D.A. Michaels Law Enforcement Author D.A. spoke about her time in the Navy, working specialized teams, to moving into law enforcement and having to go...View Details

This Air Force vet and reserves is always busy with upcoming projects and his podcast. Check out his story about joining the military, moving to Fort ...View Details

Richard  Aviles: Military, Stand-Up, Translator, Jiu Jitsu Richard has a lot of coals in the fire... Just to name a few. He is starting Stand-up, has ...View Details

  Had a great talk with John Currie about all things healthy eating including his own companies amazing salad dressing called Semper Savage. This mil...View Details

This chat with WHAT THE RUCK organizer Billy Conran. His passions in life are, Rucking, Rocko book "Discipline equals freedom", working out in his h...View Details

EG is about the most down to earth and professional security officer I have met in a long time. This Israeli born and rasied, moved to the US and co...View Details

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