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Interview with Rich Milliman Extra Duty Solutions Law Enforcement


Rich Milliman has helped to create a robust and streamlined system for Law Enforcement agencies to help take all the extra admin work put into extra duty tasks. These include all the jobs you would see outside of standard policing. When business or organization calls for police resources, it takes time and people to put those resources to work, not including scheduling, billing and paying of the police officers. Ricks company is a one stop shop to help departments with all of that and more. 

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We fight human trafficking worldwide by rescuing children from forced labor and sex slavery, providing medical care, clothing, food, safe shelter, education and training to prepare them for a life of freedom.  To date CRI has rescued 2,160 victims and their families. In 2018, CRI freed 118 children in 2 countries. We plan to expand into additional countries, add more rescue missions and save more children every year. You can help!  





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