In our industry we find ourselves mentally alone at times. We spend 99 percent of our times assessing and reacting to the worst cases this big floating rock can throw at us. We spend more time worry about everyone else, but we forget to take time to ourselves. 
In my situation I deal with large security contracts and many employees, clients, dogs, vehicles, payroll, invoicing, proposals, presentation on a minutely or even secondly basis. This does NOT include 4 kids running around me all day long and a wife that should also get my attention as well. 
My life is extremely busy and I hear daily “how do you do it” as if I need an award or a pat on the back for a good job... I DON'T NEED EITHER! What I need is time to reflect and do things I enjoy. My main hobby is hunting and the very few times I get to go, I get called off the mountain to deal with operations or pulled away to deal with a phone call or emails, which is part of my job but some days I just want a single minute to myself, without someone asking me for something. This sounds like everyday life of people and it is my every day life as well, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm fantastic at what I do and LOVE my family more than anything, I have an amazing life.
So where does all the venting above leave me? Starting a podcast!!!! This is a way of putting my thoughts of the industry out to the world and for you to do what you will with them. I'm not here to be famous or to give a shit what people say. This is 100 percent for ME and if people enjoy it... WELL.... That's a bonus!!!
I am not the only one that feels trapped in our own heads and has a need to get out... I feel this is the best way to help my situation.

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