Interview with Jesse Current LE and inventor of the 11-99 RESCUE COBRA BUCKLE   Jesse is one of those people who has seen an issue with current equipm...View Details

Interview with Jared and Ian Two US Vets with a Podcast   Jared and Ian are two of the funniest guys I've met, these two US military veterans have sta...View Details

Interview with Jack Tomlinson Royal Marines Commando Jack is not just a run of the mill guy, he is tough as nails and has the resume to back it. This...View Details

Interview with Byron Rodgers Private Security Professional, owner operator

Byron is a busy person, so either step up and join or get out of his way....View Details

Interview with JayR and Remi Rat Pack Worldwide Security   These two guys have the security operations on LOCK. They know how to teach staff and clie...View Details

Interview with Kody Mills Canyon Madness Ranch and Security Contractor   Kody has been a over seas security contractor for most of his life. He grew ...View Details

Interview with Omari Tummings Security Company Owner

  Omari is Jamaican born and worked most of his security career back at home. He has since bee...View Details

Interview with Dr Paul Henning US Military and Health and Fitness Coach

  Dr Paul Henning helps soldier to have the best physical out come and pr...View Details

Interview with Ben Killoy Military Veteran Dad   Ben is as the name of the podcast states, a military veteran dad. He has a lot to share with other f...View Details

Interview with Dan and Kevin Waco Tactical Fitness Had a great talk with the guys from WTF. You want a challenge? You want to be thrown into a massiv...View Details

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