Q and A Episode What kind of mistakes do you make Everyone makes mistakes it's how you take the consequences, correct it and move on. Trust me, I've m...View Details

Q and A Episode Hiring Characteristics I'm not always right when it comes to hiring and I don't think anyone every is, but we try and that's what prob...View Details

Q and A Episode Why did you start a podcast I started a podcast to get the voices out of my head and to listen to friends in the industry and hear wha...View Details

Episode 092 What is perfection Perfection is not a real thing. Be the best you can and strive to be better then yesterday.   Check out our Sponsors: h...View Details

RuckUp Live Show: Attackers, Ninja, Virus and Media Today Ryan talked about the school he is going through to the true Japanese practices of the ART o...View Details

Episode 091: Interview with Gray Curtis

US Vet (1990-2004) as a flight Medic, studio engineer and musician, check out his podcast Journey of Me inspi...View Details

Q and A Episode What motivates you? Motivation is not what someone says to you or a poster on your wall, it's what is inside of you to get the task do...View Details

Q and A Episode Why dont you worry about things I don't waste my time with small little issues, the only time I need to be concerned is when injury or...View Details

Q and A How do you relieve stress Get away from the situation, calm down and return, but don't take the stress with you and dwell on it. Relax and eng...View Details

Episode 090 How to ask for a raise There's no harm in asking, it is just how you ask!   Check out our Sponsors: https://armyflashcards.com/ https://ww...View Details

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